Little Andaman-HUTBAY

Little Andaman Island is situated to the south of Capital City Port Blair. Little Andaman (Pin code: 744207) is about 120 Km by sea from Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Little Andaman is the fourth largest of the Andaman Islands with an area of 734.39 square Km.

Hutbay is the local town of Little Andaman Island and is the gateway to the Little Andaman. All Transportation from other Islands arrive at Hutbay (Administrative Headquarter of Little Andaman). Unlike Port Blair this Island has no natural harbour and therefore an artificial break water is constructed to provide safe harbour for Ships. This break-water suffered severe damages in the 2004 Earthquake and Tsunami and was rebuilt. It takes around 6 to 10 hours by ship from Port Blair to reach Hutbay harbour.

This island is inhabited mainly by the Bengali Settlers, primitive Onge tribes (At DugonCreek and previosuly near South Bay) and Nicobarese tribal families (At Harmander bay). The Onge settlement is off limits for both national and international tourists.